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Have you ever had excruciating earache and not known what to do with it?

Some people are very quick to put drops in the ears not thinking of what the consequences are.  Others recommend ear wax candles to remove wax and other recommend a visit to the ENT.

Let me tell you my experience and you can be the judge of whether I can empathize with you or not!

Long 1400km Road Trip

Motorbike On Mountainous Country Road https://scamorlegitinfo.comIt all began one holiday when I went on a motorbike trip with my brother to a place on the coast about 1400km away from our home.

I had no problem travelling on a motorbike and in fact quite enjoyed it, however, little did I realize that the pressure from the wind and air was slowly beginning to affect my ears.

By the time we returned from the holiday, my ears were blocked, excruciatingly painful and I couldn’t hear properly to say the least.

I asked around what was the best treatment to clear clogged ears and finally a good friend recommended their ENT –  Ear, Nose and Throat.  I only listened because she spoke the most sense I’d heard in a long time and this ENT Surgeon used practice methods that not many ENTs used.  No, he did not recommend syringing!

Off To Visit The ENT

My appointment with the ENT was finally arranged and off I went to my appointment.

After waiting in the foyer with a room packed full of patients waiting to see him, eventually it was my turn.

Visit To The Doctor Waiting Rooms https://scamorlegit.comI walked into the ENT’s consulting room and found him to be very pleasant and quite informative and from the get-go I knew I could ask him questions and he would answer truthfully.

Our consult took quite a while as he also did allergy tests on me as well to ascertain if there were any other underlying causes creating a blocked ear.

It turned out that I had so many allergies that it wasn’t worth giving me any injections for them as there were too many, so he recommended that I take Antihistamine for perennial rhinnitis and nasal spray when needed.

Diagnosis Of Blocked / Clogged Ears

It turned out that both Eustachian tubes were disfunctioning and so the Eustachian tube became filled with fluid which gives the effect of sounding like you’re under water.

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He lost no time and told it was very serious and I needed to be booked in IMMEDIATELY for a grommet operation!


That was a total shocker and I was apprehensive at first because my ears are very sensitive at best without any complication, now he wanted to operate on them! Oh my word!

Booked Into Hospital For Grommets

Okay, now I hear you saying, aren’t grommets only for little children?  Well, no, they are for everyone who has a similar complaint.  And so I was booked into the hospital to have the surgery.

This was all new to me and so as apprehensive as I was, I needed to get my hearing back and my ears unblocked so I could return to the music group to play my guitar and just to be able to hear clearly again.  Most of all to get rid of the excruciating pain.

Surgery A Resounding Success

Surgeon Performing Surgery With Microscope https://scamorlegit.comGrommets are little plastic inserts that are shaped in the form of an hour glass, with a hole down the middle of the grommet.  This allows the Eustachian tube to drain the fluid and begin to function correctly.

Once the Eustachian tube is functioning correctly, after a period of time, they are then removed.  The condition is monitored until it is deemed another grommet operation is needed.

In my case, the ENT believe that the operation had been done just in time and that it was a great success.

Repeat Visits Every 6 Months

Since I didn’t know how to remove an ear blockage naturally, I had to visit the ENT every 6 months for him to provide the best way to remove the ear wax.  This was necessary to prevent excess pressure on the ear drum and to keep the ear channel clear to be able to hear correctly.

The ENT would also check my nose and throat each time to make sure all functioned in unison with each other.

ENT Consultations Over 33 Years

Suffice it to say, I had about 3 instances where I had to have a repeat operation for grommets until during one visit, the ENT stopped doing his routine check and asked me if I had put anything in my ear, I replied that I hadn’t.

“Well, he then said, “it seems nature has intervened and created a small perforation in your ear drum which is more a friend than a foe as it acts as a natural grommet!  You won’t have to have grommet operations anymore, we’ll just monitor it closely.”

Was I relieved to hear that!

Years came and went and I went to the ENT as diligently as finances would allow, but recently it has not been easy to afford going to the ENT to have the wax remove with a fine long thin looped scalpel to gently pull out the wax.

In this, the 33rd year, after not being able to afford going to the ENT in the last 2 years, I took the plunge to make an appointment as my ear sounded like I was under water again.

Retired Bliss Sitting On A Bench Reading https://scamorlegitinfo.com

Retired ENT No Longer Practicing!

Imagine my surprise when I finally found out that he had retired last December 2018!

Now what do I do?

Frantically I asked around and was advised that I could make an appointment with other ENTs in the area, and my jaw dropped open wide when I heard their consultation fees were almost 3 times the amount I was paying my ENT!

Forget that! I don’t have that kind of money to throw away!

EarCandles With Beeswax And Cloth https://scamorlegitinfo.comI phoned a good friend who is a qualified nursing sister and she recommended ear candles.  At first I thought I had heard wrong, so I asked her to repeat it and sure enough there are candles you can use to put in your ears and once lit they create a vacuum and start extracting clogged ears.

Like you I was really sceptical about this procedure and naturally went online to do my due diligence.  And I looked at many websites for and against, as well as reading the comments on these articles and I found a lot of people who honestly found it worked and others just warn you against it because they find it too dangerous.

But you can now judge for yourself, let’s find out how I experienced it.

Ear Candling: How To?

The first thing I hear you say is, “What is Ear Candling?”

Good question, glad you asked. I will endeavour to explain to you from my experience what I know and have found out.

How does Ear Candling work? Is a question often asked nowadays and it is a procedure that involves the burning of a candle that has been inserted in the ear, with a silver shield disc inserted a 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the candle to ensure that nothing falls into the ear and the surrounding area.  Once lit it creates a vacuum to extract whatever is in the ear causing the blockage.

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These are the thoughts of the writer and thus will not be held liable for any mishap whatsoever that may occur from the following instructions.  Use at your own risk and if in doubt do not attempt to carry out these instructions.

The Site cannot and does not contain medical advice. The medical information is provided for general informational and educational purposes only, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Accordingly, before taking any actions based upon such information, we encourage you to consult with the appropriate medical professionals. We do not provide any kind of medical advice.

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1/  What Is Needed To Carry Out The Procedure?

  • Ear Wax Candles
  • Matches Or Fire Lighter For Candles
  • Silver Disc Provided OR An Aluminium Pie Plate
  • Towel To Cover The Hair And The Surrounding Area Around The Ear
  • Glass Tumbler With Water To Extinguish Flame Once Candle Has Burnt To Certain Length
  • A Flat Surface To Lie Down
  • A Cushion To Level The Head Horizontally
  • A Mirror If you Want To See How It Is Done
  • An Adult To Assist You


2/  How To Remove An Ear Blockage Naturally With Ear Wax Candles

  • Tie back long hair away from the ear as a safety measure
  • Lie down on a comfortable flat surface with a cushion under your head to level your head
  • Make sure the ear you are treating is exposed and not the one you are lying on
  • Take one of the ear wax candles from the box
  • Take the silver disc provided, or if there isn’t a silver disc, use the aluminium pie plate to insert the candle 1/4 the way up from the bottom of the candle.
  • Place the towel over your hair and surrounding area around the ear
  • Insert the Ear Wax Candle into your ear, not too deep
  • Hold it there and ask your assistant to light the candle
  • Keep your head level and don’t move throughout the burning of the candle
  • It will take about 8 minutes for the candle to burn
  • Make sure it doesn’t burn below the Silver Tape on the candle
  • Take out the candle just before it reaches the Silver Tape and extinguish it in the glass tumbler of water.
  • Take off the towel and sit up
  • Notice if there is any difference in your hearing


Determine whether you are hearing better than before the procedure, and if not totally better, do the procedure once more.

It is recommended not to do this more than every 6 months or even only once a year.

There are many people who have been doing this year in year out their whole lives and because they have been careful in carrying out the procedure, and only used the best ear wax candles, it works time after time after time.

It sure beats having to pay an ENT exorbitant consultation fees to have ear wax removed.

Here Are Some Benefits Of Ear Candling:

12 Ear Candling Benefits

Here is an example of Ear Wax Candles with their silver disc holders for purchase:


Does Ear Candling: How To? – Really Work?

I have applied the above procedure to my ear and found that it really does work and I could hear much better once I had completed the process.

Our answer to “Ear Wax Candles: Do They Work?” is a resounding:

Yes!  Ear Wax Candles Really Do Work!

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Where To Buy Ear Wax Candles With Beeswax

How about you?  Have you had any experience with Ear Candling?  How did it work for you?  Or do you have another way to treat blocked ears?

We’d love to hear your experience, so leave your comments below.