What Is An Affiliate Marketing Platform Online About?

… And How Does It Work?

Lately, many internet users have been hoodwinked into believing that affiliate marketing is dead.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

4 Billion Internet Users Online

Today there are over 4 Billion – YES!  4 BILLION internet users continuously doing searches 24/7, 365 days a year in all different time zones of the world.   Billions of those users use High Speed Internet and are probably also interested in streaming videos and series available online.


4BillionInternetUsers https://scamorletitinfo.com


They are all searching for something online to give them an answer!


How Was Searching For Information Done Before The Internet?

I always liken it to what we used to call Encyclopaedias in my day.  Whenever we wanted to know about something that wasn’t general knowledge, we would refer to an encyclopaedia to help us find out more about the topic we had a specific question to.


OldEncyclopaedias1920 https://scamorlegitinfo.com


I particularly liked the very old ones my father had as they hailed from the early 1920’s and had some really authentic and original meanings and topics of value.


Nowadays Search Engines Are Used To Find ANY Type Of Information!

Today, the top 12 best search engines used online are: Google, Bing, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Ask, Baidu, Lycos, Yandex, WolframAlpha, Excite and ChaCha – to help us find out a whole lot of information spanning millions, upon millions of results.


GoogleYahooBingAolAskBaidu Top Search Engines Online https://scamorlegitinfo.com



Our world has completely changed from the days where we used to go to the public library to use a whole pile of reference books to write about our essays, or topics, or thesis or articles.


Old Encyclopedia Library https://scamorlegitinfo.com


… and Now!

Today, we use the internet!  And it is very much an active, working, viable informative tool and billions of users are accessing it every day!


Here is where you can leverage their searches in your favour.

Work Online And Make Money Using Your Passion In Life

What is it that you are passionate about and want to help others with?… … to make a better and informed decision online about the topic they are looking for answers to?

Take Any Passion Turn It Into Online Business https://scamorlegitinfo.com

If you can utilize this aspect and truly help others online, you will most certainly become an affiliate marketer very soon.  Being passionate about something gives you motivation to want to help others in the same situation.

Utilize Your Passion In Life To Help Others Looking For Solutions

Perhaps you are passionate about horses and how to care for them.

Knowing how they function, what to avoid when interacting with them, what to feed them, how to ride them, which horses are good for show jumping, and which horses are good for racing and which ones are good for trail rides.

This is absolutely a niche market that you could tap into to help others online.


Your future is in your hands, reach out and grasp this opportunity with both hands and stop struggling to earn an income working long hours and overtime.


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Become your own boss and spend your time creating your own website helping others find the solutions and answers to their problems.


Affliliate Marketing Is Very Much Alive And Well!

Back to our original statement: Affiliate Marketing is DEFINITELY not dead and is very much alive and a legitimate opportunity to invest in and make an income online from home through it.

So, if that is true, you ask, what is an affiliate marketing platform about?

An Affiliate Marketing Platform is a place where you access training and marketing ideas on how to become an affiliate marketing entrepreneur in order to make an online income.


Let’s break this phrase down.



This is someone or a company making an association or connection to another company that has products to offer online, or in a store.


Affiliate Marketing Programs Online https://scamorlegitinfo.com


For Example:

If you make a connection with a company that is selling the latest Android Tablet online and they offer to allow you to promote their items and in return, you receive a commission if people buy the items from the link you provide on your website from your page where you promoted the item.



This means you put out a product for sale by whichever means you find easiest to handle and use the best methods to bring in the sales to earn a commission from your affiliate link.

OnlineMarketing Strategies https://scamorlegit.com


For Example:

  • You could use a website to promote products with your affiliate link, which you are affiliated with, and write about each one providing a lot of help and information about each product together with the pros and cons of why one should buy the product.
  • You could also use Social Media platforms to promote products with your affiliate link.
  • You could further utilize email campaigns without spamming, to promote the products with your affiliate link.



This is a place or website where you can access information and training to help you become a successful affiliate marketing entrepreneur to help you build your online business.



…How Does It Work?


What You Need To Succeed As An Affiliate Marketer https://scamorlegit.com

3 Steps To Start


Firstly, you would join an affiliate marketing platform online and then you would start with the training to help you understand affiliate marketing better and how to put all the above information into practice and start earning commissions from your affiliations.



Secondly, you create your very own website so that you can have control of all the information and not be restricted by other website domains rules and regulations.



Thirdly, join affiliations related to your chosen niche market – this will be covered in the training mentioned earlier.  Once you have joined these affiliations, you obtain an affiliate link to promote their products and add it into your website.


How Do I Find A Legitimate Affiliate Marketing Platform?

The problem here is to find the right affiliate marketing platform that won’t make you buy more and more add-ons (also known as upsells) once you’ve joined their platform.


There are those that are quite legit and offer a free trial before you buy and others have you pay upfront with a credit card and you won’t even be able to try out their products before you buy.


How To Tell If An Affiliate Marketing Training Platform Is Legit


1/  Do they have an option to try before you buy?  If not, it’s probably more likely to be a scam.


2/  Are there many more upsells once you join in order for you to progress further?  If so, it’s a scam.


3/  Do they promise you lots of money in a short space of time?  This is a scam.


4/  Are you able to contact and interact with the owners? If not, this is probably a scam.


5/  Do they have a valuable and active support team who answer your questions? If not, it’s a scam.


6/  Does it sound too good to be true?  This is a true indication that it’s a scam


This is a very short summary of how it actually works, but this will give you some idea in the meantime.  There is much more to cover and add to this, but instead of taking up your time explaining this all to you now, why don’t you take this opportunity now and start your journey learning what is an affiliate marketing platform online, and how it works and how to make money with the internet?


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Here is my top recommendation for the best Affiliate Marketing Platform online today, try it before you invest any money and create your very own free website too!


Or are you still asking, What is Wealthy Affiliate: Scam Or Legit?  If you are still skeptical, you can read my review on whether Wealthy Affiliate is legit just click on the link in the question above.


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5 Reasons: Why I Would Promote Wealthy Affiliate?


1/  I tried the Starter Membership for 0$ – no credit card needed – and made the most of both courses and didn’t pay anything whilst trying it out.

2/  I created 2 Free Websites whilst trying out the Starter Membership and learnt a lot about how to create a website in WordPress

3/  Having tried out the training and found it to be quality and with no upsells, I took up the special offer for Premium Membership the first month and followed the training diligently and became an eager helper within the community, paying it forward with an attitude of gratitude.

4/  After 3 months of being a Premium Member I started creating training within Wealthy Affiliate Platform to help others learn how to improve their online websites with marketing tools and software.

5/  Using Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (which is a part of the Premium Membership and has an affiliation program that I’ve earned commissions from too), has made a huge difference to the way I create my posts and articles on my website and they rank in Google too!


Now it’s your turn to try before you buy!

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Get Started With Your Affiliate Marketing Business Now,

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Questions And Answers

Q1/ Affiliate Marketing: Scam Or Legit?


Wealthy Affiliate Legit https://scamorlegitinfo.com





A/ Definitely A Legitimate Opportunity


Q2/ What Is Affiliate Marketing?

A/ Marketing other companies products, with whom you are affiliated, to earn commissions.


Q3/ How does it work?

A/ Join an affiliate marketing platform online, create a website, join related affiliation companies, promote their products.


Do you have any questions or comments?  I’d really like to hear from you and to help you if you are unsure of any of the above information.  Looking forward to reading your comments below.